About Mudii Candles

A candle for every home, to remind you, you are never alone!  

About mudii candles- what we offer

Welcome to a home for the misunderstood! 


Founded in 2021, Mudii Candles creates hand poured soy candles, with bold scents! We use 100% soy wax, blends of fragrance and essential oils, and wooden wicks for a beautiful crackle. Each wick is made with FSC certified wood, and is carefully cut by hand into the most creative shape...our logo! Each fragrance combination is created  uniquely by our owner, and with crackling wicks, each one is powerful enough to keep your senses engaged. On the backs of some candles you will find digital artworks either made in house, or by one of our collaborators.  We stand as a reminder that loneliness is only a temporary state of being and through self awareness and connectedness we can overcome it. 


Why Mudii?

Mudii is a term MJ created when she was only 12 years old. It meant then what it does now, which is misunderstood individual. Even with friends and family MJ always carried this feeling of unexplainable loneliness. Over the years she has managed to overcome these feeling of loneliness, through self help and emotional intelligence education. This is an a battle we know so many others can relate to and so many have overcome! Whether you are or have been a Mudii, this is a place to help or be helped. 

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Hi, My name is MJ! 

Meet the owner of Mudii Candles

Thank you for supporting my small business! I hope to find like minded individuals looking to connect through shared experiences and a love of good smells.